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Ashwa Mobility Foundation was first conceived as Ashwa Racing in 2003, aiming to provide a practical experience to Indian undergraduate engineering students by competing in the Formula Student series.


As it has been since its founding, Ashwa Racing's central motive is to build a team that functions in an organized manner, similar to an industry and attaining standards of an International Formula Student Racing team. It is structured so as to produce all round individuals and capable engineers.


In interests of expanding the project to newer sustainable technologies, the project diversified into the Hybrid segment in 2014, contesting at Formula Hybrid, USA. Combustion technologies continue to be perfected, eventually achieving the title of fastest combustion car in India at Formula Bharat.


The project has contested at Formula Hybrid, New Hampshire, USA ever since, and has placed second overall in the years 2017 and 2018. The year 2018 was an important milestone in the project's timeline, with further diversification into fully electric prototypes, hence becoming the only Indian team to design, fabricate and test prototypes in the three categories of combustion, hybrid and electric.


Ashwa Racing works towards extending its scope towards holistic organizational functioning and operational excellence, as well as venturing further into mobility technologies of the future. Driverless passenger vehicles and Hyperloop are now in sight as we continue to realise our purpose as engineers of the future.