Every year the team builds two FSAE racecars to participate in the FSAE competitions. The FSAE competition is a unique design competition that was started by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The competition was started to improve the project management and engineering skills of budding engineers.

This philosophy is well reflected in the design of the competition. It is not about wheel to wheel racing, but about proving that your car is better by design, which makes the competition so unique. The competition is based on starting a fictional company that builds an open wheeled formula styled car for the amateur weekend racer. During a competition a total of 1000 points can be earned from a combination of static and dynamic events.

Currently over 500 universities participate in formula student events all over the globe. Ashwa Racing participates in three events every year namely Formula Design Challenge in India, Formula Hybrid in USA and Formula Student Combustion in Italy.


The static events are designed to teach the students to deal with the dilemmas that need to be considered when a company develops a new product. This event is divided in three categories. First is the business plan presentation, where students develop a business plan to convince executives that their plan is feasible and profit making. Second is the cost event where students are required to prove their ability in designing a low cost car and justifying it. The final event is the design report where students are judged on their ability to justify their designs and the thought process behind it.

The dynamic events are all about the performance of the car on the track. The dynamic events are divided into five categories to test all the aspects of the car. The first dynamic event is the acceleration event where the car needs to set the fastest time on a 75 meter straight track, which demonstrates the straight line acceleration of the car. The second event tests the cornering capability of the car by setting the fastest time on a figure 8 track called the skid pad. Autocross combines the first two dynamic events and will test the maneuverability of the car. The final event is the endurance, where the car needs to set the fastest total time in 22 laps. It tests primarily the reliability of the car. During the endurance the energy consumed by the car is determined for the efficiency scores, which is the fifth dynamic score.


Ashwa Racing is India’s premiere Formula Student team. Ashwa Racing started its Motorsport journey in the year 2003 with its first ever participation at FS Australasia in 2005. Over its decade long existence the team has grown from strength to strength and produced 10 formula student prototypes which have competed all across the globe. In the year 2014 Ashwa Racing launched its first ever hybrid prototype to become the only team in Asia to possess both combustion and hybrid vehicles. The team comprises of 100 undergrad engineering students from a plethora of engineering streams.

Each member spends a period of 3 years with the project over which a combustion and hybrid prototype are completed. The work breakdown structure is such of the team that each member fulfills both a technical and managerial role. On completion of the prototypes the team members learn a wide variety of skills such a maintaining the right balance of technical and managerial know how, adhering to the strict deadlines that the project demands and most importantly camaraderie.