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We are Ashwa Mobility.

We are a Student Mobility Organization.

Founded in 2003, Ashwa Mobility Foundation began as to promote motorsport education in India.

About Us
We build Formula Student Prototypes.

For 15 years, we have designed, fabricated and tested Formula One-Style prototypes in the Combustion, Hybrid and Electric segments.

We build Mobility Solutions of the Future.

We are building an autonomous, passenger electric vehicles that addresses various transportation issues of the country.


FS Hybrid

The stepping stone towards greener technologies.

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The ultimate sustainable race machine.

Open Source Vehicle

Towards better mobility solutions for urban transportation.

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The Year that was: FS Hybrid

Competing at Formula FS Hybrid 2018, RZX8H placed second overall.

  • Best Team Spirit Award by General Motors
  • 2nd in Acceleration
  • 2nd in Design
  • 2nd in Project management presentation
  • 3rd in Hitting the Ground Running Award
  • We completed 41/44 laps of Endurance, making it our most prominent performance.

The Year that was: FS Combustion

  • Fastest acceleration in India
  • 2nd in Business Presentation at Formula Bharat
  • 3rd in Cost at Formula Bharat
  • Competed at Formula Student Italy 2018.

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Postal Address

Ashwa Racing Workshop, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, R.V. College of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bengaluru 560059

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Business Phone

+91 9916738430

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